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GUNGGUNG ADVENTURE – Bali Culture Adventure

Bali culture adventure activities in the east of Bali island, located at Sibetan village where largest salak plantation on the island which is still well maintained by local communities.

With the concept of basic local tourism, this cultural adventure activities is supported by local communities from operational teams, plantation care, local home care, environmental awareness, maintaining local culture with daily life and friendly welcome to tourists.

To introduce and maintain the viability of Salak plantation especially at Sibetan village, every guest who chose one of the GunGGunG Adventure activities has the opportunity to explore, harvest and taste the fresh Salak fruit from the tree.

Fun and natural culture adventure using classic 4WD car for a Salak Agro JEEP SUNRISE adventure or a day Salak Agro JEEP VILLAGE TRAIL adventure, Salak Agro COUNTRYSIDE CYCLING adventure, Salak Agro ECO TREKKING adventure, Salak Agro NATURAL CAMPING adventure and or just simply enjoy to stay at one of the local house compound will a new inspiration culture adventure holidays choice in Bali.

Salak Bali Agriculture at Sibetan Village

Salak Bali Farm in Sibetan Village is the largest Salak plantation on the island of Bali. Salak plant is planted by the community almost on every agricultural land in two subdistricts, namely District Bebandem and District Selat. Salak is one of the parietas ambonensis (Salacca Zalacca Var. Ambonesnsis).

So far, Sibetan Village is most famous for producing the Salak fruits on Bali Island with the name "Salak Bali" and some people call "Salak Sibetan". In accordance with research updates from various universities in Bali stated that there are more than 14 species of fruit plants in the village of Sibetan. But the most famous is "Salak Bali" (Original Balinese Salak with various flavors such as sour sweet) and "Salak Gula Pasir" (Salak Fruit which only taste sweet like sugar)

Salak fruit available whole year, but the harvest time normally two time in a year. Therefore, Salak fruit can be a daily income by the local community

Storytelling about three or four years ago people had been willing to give up and intend to replace their Salak plantation plant with other plants. At that time the fruit does not match the cost of care because the prices become very cheap during the harvest. Furthermore, serious attention from the industrial and agricultural sectors to continue to introduce the commodity of extraordinary Salak fruit to the people in Bali and the broad community around the world. To explores the benefits of fruits to daily life

From the agricultural side, the government explores the potential of Salak Fruit and raises the quality of their fruits and from the industry, the government invites local communities, especially women farmers to learn to manage or process the fruits into processed foods such as salak crackers, salak sweet, salak coffee, salak candied, and salak honeyAlso the young shoots that grow on the parent tree can be made a vegetable ingredients called "Salak curry".

Salak Bali Agriculture location

Salak Bali Agriculture located at Sibetan Village a traditional Balinese village in the eastern region of Bali Island in the district of Bebandem, Karangasem regency, Bali, Indonesia. Altitude about 600 meters above sea level at the above of Traditional Village Tenganan.

About 67 km from Ngurah Rai International airport or around Kuta area, Nusa Dua, Sanur Bali and about 46 km from Ubud area and very close from Candidasa Beach area about 17 km.

With more than 8,500 population and on 9.32 km2, Sibetan Village is one of the traditional villages in Bali that still maintain the customs and traditions as well as the natural environment as beautiful as well as the culture that is entrusted by his ancestors.

GunGGunG Culture Adventure activities at Sibetan Village

From the tourism side, government and local people with the  entrepreneurs also introduce the incredible natural potential of Sibetan Village with fresh air and beautiful scenery from some hilltop around Sibetan Village as well as Bukit Mukuran, Bukit Surga, Bukit Catu and others.

In addition to broader and improved yields from the tourism side, we are a local tourism community name  "GunGGunG Adventure" consisting of tourism activists who are committed to building the village; local communities, environmentalists, local farmers, restaurant entrepreneurs, drivers, youth and all relevant local components. 

The highlight of GunGGunG Adventure culture adventure activities

Nature and cultural adventure tourism activities that can be done while enjoying holidays in Sibetan Village, such as;

Salak Agro Jeep Sunrise (Adventure tour early in the morning to the top of the hill at an altitude of about 1,200 meters from sea level with 4WD jeep, when the sunny weather can witness the beauty of the sun rising behind the shadow of Mount Rinjani and to the majestic Mount Agung)

Salak Agro Jeep Village Trail (Adventure tour to explore Salak plantation, rural surrounding plantation with various activities of local community Enjoy the beauty of the valley and Mount Agung from the top of the hill at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level.

Salak Agro Countryside Cycling (Mountain biking adventure tour, starting from the Salak plantation and down the countryside with various activities of the local community. Crossing single tracks in paddy fields and river bridges gives the impression of bike tours in Bali.

Salak Agro Eco Trekking (Adventure tour to enjoy nature by walking around salak plantation and Sibetan village In the course of picking and enjoying the fresh fruit bark on the tree)

Please find belows link to get a quick direction on Google Maps to go to GunGGunG Adventure base camp from the place your are stay now, from: 
Kuta Beach area approx 68km mileage by car 2hrs
Nusa Dua Beach area approx 75km mileage by car 2hrs
Ubud Village area approx 44km mileage by car 1hrs 30minutes
Sanur Beach area approx 52km mileage by car 1hrs 30minutes
Candidasa area approx 15km mileage by car 30minutes
Jimbaran Beach area approx 76km mileage by car 2hrs
Uluwatu area approx 88km mileage by car 2hrs 30minutes
Denpasar City area approx 58km mileage by car 1hrs 30minutes
Ngurah Rai Airport area approx 68km mileage by car 2hrs 
Amed Beach area approx 33km mileage by car 1hr 
Tirtagangga area approx 14km mileage by car 30minutes
Sidemen Village area approx 14km mileage by car 30minutes
Besakih Temple area approx 18km mileage by car 40minutes
Lovina Beach area approx 105km mileage by car 2hrs 45minutes
Pemuteran Beach area approx 151km mileage by car 3hrs 45minutes
Gilimanuk Port area approx 183km mileage by car 4hrs 30minutes
Padang Bai Port area approx 17km mileage by car 30hrs
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